10 Reasons to Use Omega-3 from Fish Oil Supplements

10 Reasons to Use Omega-3 from Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements are an ideal complement to your diet because they supply the Omega-3 fatty acids, which your body cannot sufficiently produce on its own. "I eat a lot of fish, so I don't need those", is what you're probably thinking. You couldn't be more wrong.  


A dosage (a minimum of 500 mg EPA and DHA from fish oil) is needed to make you feel healthy. Still in doubt? Here's 10 reasons to convince you.  


1. You burn fat more easily

The Omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oil supplements improve the metabolism of the body in a natural way and cause body fat to burn more quickly.  


2. You improve the development of your baby during the pregnancy

During a pregnancy, you'd best eat a maximum of two portions of fish a week. You supply your Omega-3- need with a controlled and safe fish oil supplement. The Omega-3 fatty acid DHA  improves the development of your baby, after all. The substances have a positive influence on the brain functions, such as the sensory organs, concentration, fine motor skills, memory and the vocal ability of your child. It also improves his eyesight. Your baby will see more focused and can more easily discern contrasts.  


3. You retain your youth

Fish oil supplements and specifically EPA and DHA slow down the aging process. They have anti-inflammatory properties and extend the longevity of your cells. That way, they keep you young.  


4. You move more flexibly

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of EPA from fish oil supplements, the pain in your joints and muscles decrease, and you'll be able to move much more flexibly.  


5. Your athletic performance improves

Omega-3 in fish oil supplements improves the functioning of the lungs. That way, you'll recover more quickly after exercise.  


6. You're able to concentrate more easily

Thanks to EPA and DHA from fish oil supplements your brain also functions optimally. Your mental capacities increase. Furthermore your brain deteriorates more slowly. The essential fatty acids in the Omega-3 give you a healthy sleep, an essential element in keeping your concentration sharp. In babies or children, Omega-3 creates a regular sleeping pattern. Omega-3 is also a healthy aid for students. It helps them sleep more deeply, which in turn helps them with a better concentration during the exams.  


7. You optimize your immune system

A daily supplement ofOmega-3 from fish oil supplements helps the white blood cells perform their anti-inflammatory function optimally. This helps your defense against diseases and other ailments. You strengthen your immune system.  


8. You help keep your heart healthy

The Omega-3 in fish oil supplements provide a good functioning of the heart, keep cholesterol levels at a health low and keep this vital muscle healthy.  


9. Your mood brightens

Fish oil supplements affect your mood. Your mood improves, and you will become more mentally stable.  


10. Your skin shines

Omega-3 in fish oil supplements gives a positive result when treating skin problems, protects against sunburn, and makes your skin look at its best.  


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