Boy Shows Body after Gigantic Weight Loss

Boy Shows Body after Gigantic Weight Loss

Seven months ago, he still weighed 160 kilograms, now he weighs less than half of that. The 21 year old John David Clause from California was fed up with his body and decided to take drastic measures.  


John David Clause lost more than 90 kilograms and is now showing his 'new' body in a video on YouTube. "This is who I am, and I am proud of myself." Even though John now has a more healthy body weight, he does have a new problem: loose skin. "I feel comfortable when I'm wearing clothes, but as soon as I don't, I'm insecure." The kilograms disappeared because of a strict diet and lots of exercise.  



With a personal video message, John wants to show people that despite his excess skin, he is very proud of what he has accomplished. "It's not perfect and not what I had expected after losing 90 kilograms. Still, excess skin should never deter you from losing weight to make your dreams come true."

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