Make Yourself Smarter with 'Brain Training'

Make Yourself Smarter with 'Brain Training'

Can you make yourself smarter? A question which has kept many a scientist in our knowledge-based society awake. The answer to this seems to be 'yes'.  


At least: if we are to believe the results of 'Hack my Brain', the new documentary of Todd Sampson. 'Hack my brain' is a three-part documentary series wherein presenter and guinea pig par excellence Todd Sampson examines the elasticity of the human brain. To what extent can you, with brain training, ensure that your brain stays up-to-date, that your memory remains functioning at its best, and that the capacity of your grey matter increases instead of gradually reducing? These are the most important questions which were carefully investigated in the show.  


The results of the television experiment were actually astounding: through proper and regular training it certainly seems possible to increase your brain functions and literally make yourself smarter.  


iPhone app

Our editorial team also trains their brain. Our favorite app for this is Peak.  

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