15 Things You Beed to Give Up in Order to Be Happy

15 Things You Beed to Give Up in Order to Be Happy

All too often we cling to old habits and behavioral patterns that cause us nothing but pain and stress. Few of us realize how our lives will improve once we recognize the futility of this and decide to make changes for the better.


Here are fifteen behavioral issues that you need to avoid in order to be guaranteed an easier and happier life:


1. The need to always be right 

Are you one of those people who can't stand being wrong? Do you continue to insist you're right even when important relationships are at stake? It's not worth it. Ask yourself: "What's the better result? Me being right, or keeping this friendship?"


2. The desire for control 

Resist the temptation to be a control freak. Be willing to give up the urge for control over situations and people. You might be surprised at how much better you will feel when you allow others to be who they really are.


3. Playing the blame game

Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own actions and your own life. Playing the blame game is a futile exercise.


4. Negativity 

Do not get caught up in a negative spiral. Believe in yourself, give yourself a chance and do not always think the worst about yourself.


5. Do not limit yourself 

Stop imposing limits on yourself in terms of what you can and cannot achieve. Spread your wings and fly as high as you can, without thinking about your personal 'ceiling' in advance.


6. Complaining

Don't complain about everyone and everything. Nothing and no one can make you unhappy if you do not let it. Don't allow yourself to be mired down in constant negativity. Be positive, even when things aren't going your way.


7. Criticism 

Stop constantly criticizing others. All people are unique, and yet the same in so many ways. We all want to be happy, we all want to love and be loved. Criticism is entirely unnecessary.


8. Making a good Impression 

Do not try so hard to be someone you’re not. This is not the way to make a good impression on others. On the contrary, people will actually be more attracted to you if you shed your ‘mask’ and the real you is revealed.


9. Resisting change 

Change is good and the only thing that can ever move you forward in your life and your career. Resisting change is the worst thing you can do.


10. Labels 

Stop labeling everything and anyone who is different from you. Open your mind to new things, new experiences.


11. Fear 

Scared? Well, this may be of comfort: fear is actually an illusion. Fear does not really exist - you are the one creating it. Makes you think, doesn't it?


12. Excuses 

Stop making excuses for yourself and others. In 99.9% of cases the excuse has no foundation and all it does is cover up the truth.


13. Clinging to the Past 

Letting go of the past may not be obvious, especially when the past seems wonderful compared to the present, and you are afraid of the future. But for now, the present is all you have. So stop living in the past and rather live in the here and now in everything you do, while keeping an eye on the future. This is the only way you can truly enjoy life.


14. Letting go

Learn to let go. Do not give up what you love, but let go of the things that are unconsciously damaging you or placing a limit on what you can achieve.


15. Living your life according to other people's expectations
Your life is yours and yours alone. Too many people live as if their life belongs to others. They live according to the values, norms and expectations of their parents, friends, loved ones, teachers, government and the media. But not you, you must listen to what your inner voice is saying. You need to discover what makes you happy and then pursue that at all costs. You only have one life. Forget the others - use it to do what you find important.

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