'Farting is good for your health'

'Farting is good for your health'

A remarkable study by the University of Exeter shows that farting can be beneficial to your health - especially when you sniff the scent afterwards!

According to researchers, the odor of flatulence can be compared with that of rotten eggs. Yet when it comes to the chemical composition of such odors, the main chemical component in the smell is, in fact, sulfide gas, which can be fatal in large amounts. But in small doses, as in the case of human flatulence, it can have a beneficial effect on our body cells.

According to researchers, the gas could help prevent strokes, arthritis, heart disease and dementia. "When the body is subjected to disease, its cells are under stress. These cells then begin to produce enzymes that in turn produce minute quantities of sulfide gas, which help protect the mitochondria. The mitochondria in turn generate energy which make the cells work. Helping to protect the mitochondria is therefore one of the most essential steps in the treatment of physical disease", said lead researcher Matt Whiteman.

"Our research shows that if the mitochondria are treated with the gas that is produced by flatulence, the mitochondria continue to provide energy in abundance and the cells remain sustainable. In real terms, this means that you will get sick less if you let out a fart from time to time."

Source: GVA

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