European Commission Fights against Fake Bioproducts

European Commission Fights against Fake Bioproducts

The European Commission has proposed stricter certification measures for bioproducts in the EU. That should certainly intensify the struggle against products that are wrongfully labeled as bio-based, now that the demand is ballooning.


The Commission not only wants to do away with the many anomalies that threaten to undermine the bio label and obstruct the import of fake bioproducts, they also want to open up the sector for small-time producers who are often intimidated now by all the red tape. 


The goal is to solidify trust in the biolabel. That can happen by stepping it up on inspections and through tougher rules, the Commission thinks. In removing hybrid exploitations - with organic and conventional production - from the label, they want to corner producers into an option for instance.


Another suggestion is to reserve the biolabel for animals whose  fodder also stayed 100 % biological. The current threshold falls at 95 %. Not to mention, the Commission would like to see the level of pesticide residue reduced.


The Commission's proposals still need to be reviewed by the member states and the European Parliament. So, it will only be a matter of time before knowing how much stricter the rules truly will become. 


The European Union is the number one consumer of bioproducts, a market the Commission estimates is worth 20 billion euros. The Commission is furthermore justifying its position in making rules stricter, citing there would be a drop in market share if 'fake bio' products from outside of here were also able to be sold under the biolabel.

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