Living healthy: finally, honest information and inspiration!

Living healthy: finally, honest information and inspiration!

If you're serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then you probably know how hard it is to find good, reliable information on topics such as healthy foods (macrobiotics, vegetarian etc.), diets, biological products, smart sporting, natural dietary supplements, mindfulness and so on.


Much of the information available is not presented in a very interesting way, is hard to find, overly scientific, contradictory, or just simply inaccurate (subsidized by the food industry). With, all that will (finally) come to an end! is an online TV channel that provides honest information regarding health, wellness, spirituality etc. A variety of topics such as healthy food, bio products, vegetarian cooking, yoga, meditation, and more will be covered. provides you, the consumer, with an alternative to toxic consumerism that subjects us to misleading advertising day in and day out. is available in Dutch (for Belgian and Dutch markets) and English (worldwide).


The new station is being spearheaded by Kevin Van der Straeten. He's been working for 12 years in the media industry as a TV presenter, and as the managing director of a media company in the events industry. He's been successfully producing TV shows with for years. " is a project that I'm starting up based an ideology and personal belief that things can be done differently", says Kevin.  


Will you join? Do you also (finally) want access to impartial information for a healthy lifestyle? Then subscribe to our free newsletter now! will start in just a couple of weeks.


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